September 3-7, 2015

Skyline Loop: Three Lakes to Low Divide

Mount Seattle (6246′)

——————– Trip Report Summary ——————–

Region: Olympic Mountains

Starting Point: Three Lakes Trailhead (North Fork Quinault River Road)

Way Points: Three Lakes Creek & Three Lakes & Tshletshy Ridge & Three Prune Basin & North Kimta Creek Basin & Kimta Arm & Promise Creek Bench & Lake Beauty saddle & Seattle Creek & Seattle Meadows & Low Divide & North Fork Quinault River & Twelvemile Camp & Kimta Creek & Three Prune Creek & Elip Creek & North Fork Ranger Station (hike via Three Lakes Trail—Skyline Trail—North Fork Quinault River Trail)

Ending Point: North Fork Quinault River Trailhead (North Fork Quinault River Road)

Campsites: Three Lakes & North Kimta Creek Basin & Seattle Meadows & Twelvemile Camp

Sidetrip: Upper Seattle Basin & Seattle Moraine (hike)

Summit: Mt. Seattle  (climb via West Slope—Southwest Couloir—South Ridge)

——————– Photo Gallery (click to enlarge) ——————–