June 19, 2009

Three Brothers (7303’)

——————– Summary ——————–

Three Brothers Summit Loop:  clockwise

Starting Point: Stafford Creek & Navaho Ridge & Falls Creek Pass & Three Brothers crest & Gold Creek Basin & Negro Creek Basin & Little Navaho Pass return via Stafford Creek  (hike & climb) 

Summit: Three Brothers: southwest peak  (hike & climb via West Ridge)

Summit: Three Brothers: middle peak  (climb via West Ridge)

Summit: Three Brothers: northeast peak  (hike via West Ridge)

——————– Full Report ——————–

Here are some photos from last Friday’s loop over the Three Brothers summits in the Teanaway area with Lisa, Steve, and Eileen. We chose this location to escape bad weather elsewhere, and it turned out to be a real gem.

We hiked up the Stafford Creek Trail about 3 miles, then headed straight uphill to intersect the high trail on Navaho Peak. This took us down to the Falls/Negro Creek pass, from which it was an easy cross-country ascent to the SW (and highest) Brother.

SW Brother From Navaho Ridge

SW Brother Summit

Getting over the summit of the Middle (lowest) Brother involved a fair amount of Class 2-3 scrambling on pretty good rock, then we strolled up the silky smooth ridge to the NE Brother. This peak used to have a lookout cabin on the summit, but only the old woodstove remains. We were treated to a most remarkable rainbow before we headed down-trail to Gold Creek Basin.

Heading Up NE Peak

Old Stove On NE Peak

At 5700 feet, we left the trail and went cross-country several miles to the saddle between Big and Little Navaho Peaks. From there, it was all downhill back to the trailhead.

Rainbow Below NE Peak

Hiking Down To Gold Creek Basin

We can all heartily recommend this as a delightful full-day rainshadow hike, with some nice summits and views along the way.

Stats (car to car): 15 miles, 6300 feet, 11.4 hours.

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