June 16-24, 2018

Picket Traverse: Perfect Pass to McMillan Pass

Whatcom Peak (7574′)
Rhino Butte (6914′)
Elephant Butte (7380′)
North Stetattle Butte (6728′)
South Stetattle Butte (6495′)

——————– Trip Report Summary ——————–

Region: Northwestern Cascades

Starting Point: Ross Dam Trailhead (Highway 20)

Way Points: Ross Lake Landing (hike); Ross Lake & Little Beaver Landing (boat ride); Perry Creek & Redoubt Creek & 12-Mile Camp & Pass Creek & Whatcom Arm & Whatcom Glacier & Perfect Pass & Challenger Glacier & Solar Pass & Solar Glacier & Crooked Thumb Glacier & Phantom Arm & Pickell Pass & Goodell Cirque & Picket Pass & Mustard Glacier & McMillan Tarn & Barricade Nose & McMillan Glacier & McMillan Pass & Rhino Butte summit & Elephant Butte summit & Torrent Bench & Torrent Lake & Torrent Pass & North Stetattle Butte summit & South Stetattle Butte summit & Stetattle Arm & Sourdough Creek (hike & climb)

Ending Point: Sourdough Trailhead (Diablo)

Campsites: 12-Mile Camp (Little Beaver Creek) & Perfect Pass & Pickell Pass & Picket Pass & McMillan Tarn & Rhino Butte summit & Torrent Bench & Stetattle Arm

Summit: Whatcom Peak (climb via South Slope—West Ridge)

Summit: Rhino Butte (climb via West Ridge)

Summit: Elephant Butte (climb via West Ridge; descent via East Face)

Summit: North Stetattle Butte (climb via Northwest Ridge; descent via Southeast Ridge)

Summit: South Stetattle Butte (climb via Northwest Ridge; descent via Southeast Ridge)

——————– Full Trip Report ——————–

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——————– Photo Gallery (click to enlarge) ——————–

Days 0-3: Newhalem to Pickell Pass


Days 4-5: Pickell Pass to McMillian Tarn


Days 6-9: McMillian Tarn to Sourdough Trailhead