January 27, 2019

Tasmania 2019 Adventure Trip

Moorina Beach

——————– Trip Report Summary ——————–

Region: North Bruny Island (Tasmania)

Starting & Ending Point: Cape Queen Elizabeth Trailhead (Main Bruny Road)

Way Points: Big Lagoon & Mars Bluff & Moorina Beach Arch (hike via Cape Queen Elizabeth Track)

Approximate Total Stats:  5 miles traveled; 300 feet gained and lost; 2.5 hours RT.

——————– Full Trip Report ——————–

While touring around Bruny Island in southeastern Tasmania, Eileen, Brooke, Callum, and I made a short hike out to Moorina Beach.  We started at the Cape Queen Elizabeth Trailhead and walked out past Big Lagoon to a trail junction that announced both a low route and a high route to the beach.

Moorina Bay Trail Sign

Since the tide was in, we had to take the high trail over Mars Bluff.  This gave us a good view of the Bruny coastline before we descended to the beach.

Hiking Above Moorina Bay

Moorina Beach is a ribbon of tan-colored sand interspersed with tall cliffs of horizontally layered conglomerate.

Walking Along Moorina Beach

Eileen and I couldn’t resist scrambling up one of the conglomerate crags.  The rock was super-ledgey and surprisingly solid; I never knew conglomerate could be so fun.

Eileen On Moorina Beach Crag

The main attraction of Moorina Beach, however, is this large natural arch composed of blocky volcanic rock.  It creates a dramatic picture frame for the adjacent ocean.

Brooke At Moorina Beach Arch
Cal & Brooke At Moorina Beach Arch


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