Major Alpine Crags

The “Major Alpine Crags of the Cascades & Olympics” is a special group comprising 32 crag-peaks that do not meet the criteria for being major mountain-peaks but still possess exceptional visual appeal and/or classic status among the climbing community.  By region, the major alpine crags include…

Canadian Cascades Region:  South Slesse Peak and South Nesakwatch Spire.

Northwestern Cascades Region:  Nooksack Tower, Devils Tongue, Himmelgeisterhorn, East Twin Needle, The Degenhardt Pyramid, The Chopping Block, Paul Bunyan’s Stump, Dorado Needle, and Sharkfin Tower.

Northeastern Cascades Region:  Big Methow Needle, Burgundy Spire, Big Kangaroo, Concord Tower, and Lexington Tower.

North-Central Cascades Region:  North Gunsight Peak and White Goat Peak.

Central Cascades Region:  North Index Peak, Middle Index Peak, The Bulls Tooth, Little Big Chief Peak, The Citadel, Cathedral Rock, The Mole, Prusik Peak, and The Temple.

Southern Cascades Region:  Main Cowlitz Chimney, East Fifes Peak, and Big Goat Horn.

Olympic Mountains Region:  Mt. Cruiser and Mt. Clark.